Member participation was outstanding. Therefore, we created THREE 12 month calendars so that everyone who submitted
an eligible photograph was included. We are extremely pleased with the quality of photographs submitted this year and
hope you will enjoy a year of viewing happy ISDs.

This year we decided to create memorial calendars. Donations to the fund usually honor a person or special canine.
Earlier this year we lost Knox Rhine, who for several years, was the man in charge of the calendar projects. He was an Icie
lover and can be seen in his calendar as 'The Leader of the Pack'.

The second and third calendars are dedicated to the memory of two special Icies - Stubborn Elm's Osk and Andur's Hera
'Ginger'.The surprising news of the loss of these two working dogs hit the Icie community hard. They are titled 'Love
Continues...' for each dog holds a special place in every members' heart.

Special thanks from the calendar committee to Donna McDermott, Maggý R. Þ. Pease and the ISAA BOD for guidance and

The Calendar Committee appreciates your purchase(s) and we hope to have record sales this year. $4.60 of each
purchase comes to the club and assists in the good work towards our ISAA Mission Statement.

Our best to you,

On behalf of the Committee

Nancy Robertson

Amber Jessop
The ISAA Mission Statement

The Icelandic Sheepdog Association of America (I.S.A.A.) is organized for the expressed
purpose of promoting and preserving the welfare of the Icelandic Sheepdog in America.  

Towards this end, the ISAA is dedicated to serving the best interest of the Icelandic Sheepdog through increasing public
awareness, establishing a resource network, and promoting proper husbandry and breeding practices of the
Icelandic Sheepdog in America.
We are proud to release the 2014 ISAA Calendars for purchase.
Please use the link below to view and purchase the calendar.

2014 Calendar Options