On April 8th members were sent an email announcing Donna’s stepping down from the presidency.  This board would again like
to acknowledge the many accomplishments made under her leadership.  

All of the goals set by the prior BOD when she became president were accomplished:

  • The standard is strictly modeled after the country of origin’s and is in place;
  • The constitution is in place;
  • The AKC has approved the club for full recognition.

Additional foundation projects accomplished during her term are:

Closing the studbook to protect the integrity of the breed in the US;
  • Becoming full participants of ISIC;
  • Successfully pulling off the first club National;
  • Repairing our relationship with the country of origin and international partners;
  • Developing a strong breeding committee that has working ties to the ISIC partners;
  • Redesigning the website including the addition of a news page, Member’s Section, ISIC Section, etc.

In her words “It appears to be a good time for me to “exit stage right” and get on with the writing of my book. That project has
been put aside for far too long and it is tugging at my heart stronger than ever. I want to devote my energy to that and our little

We again would like to say, Donna - Thank you very much for all you have done.