AKC Group Realignment 11.02.08
This topic was discussed at the ISIC meeting this week in Denmark.

The ISIC, specifically Hans-Ake Sperne  
(ISIC)  supports this Group Realignment and feels that the ISD does not belong
in the Herding Group as they are supposed to be an "all around farm dog" not just a herding dog. He believes this will be a
much better fit.

Your BOD
(isaabod@gmail.com) is interested in your comments regarding this issue. The club will submit an opinion after
January 1, 2009 to the AKC.

Individuals and clubs may also submit comments until the end of 2008, addressed to Jim Crowley, Executive Secretary of
the AKC. Once comments are received, the proposal will be read at the March meeting to be voted on at the June
Meeting, 2009