July 21, 2005

Mr. Knox Rhine, President
Icelandic Sheepdog Association of America
7. S. Kansas Court
Newton, KS  67114

Dear Knox:

Please be advised that the FSS® Committee reviewed your club’s petition requesting approval for the
Icelandic Sheepdog to compete in AKC Companion Events.  

The Committee determined that everything was in order and the minimum requirements have been met
in order to forward the request onto the AKC Board of Directors.  The Board of Directors will review the
petition in two meetings, the first scheduled for August 8-9, 2005 and the second scheduled for October
10-11, 2005.  If the Board approves your request, the breed will become eligible to compete for titles in
AKC Companion Events effective July 1, 2006.

I will keep you updated of the progress of the petition as it passes through the reviews.  Any questions
please advise.

With best regards,

Ms. Pat Lejman
FSS® Coordinator
Patricia A. Lejman
FSS® Coordinator
Email:  pal2@akc.org