The ISAA Board of Directors is pleased to announce the winners of the ISAA’s first art
contest. We are grateful to everyone who participated and will leave all the wonderful
pieces posted so they can continue to be enjoyed by all.

We thought that every piece was absolutely amazing and many of you commented that it
was very difficult to choose just one. We agree! So, each person who submitted a piece of
art for the contest will receive a Certificate of Participation and a packet of ISAA special
edition note cards featuring the winning pieces. These note cards will be available for
purchase very soon and all proceeds will go to the ISAA.

Our Grand Prize winners will receive the certificate, note cards and another piece of art,
one of Jeff Pease’s handmade wood leash holders.

Drum Roll Please … The Members Have Voted …
And the Winners Are

5 years old and under: Charlie Marshall

6-7 : Bryndis Inga’s “The Dog in the Red Robe”

8-10: Anik Watts’ “Pjakur”

11-15: Paloma Watts’ “Eydis”

16-18: Madeline Kenney’s “Enska Viktor (Vik)”

Over 18: Annabanana’s “Greta”


Please join us in congratulating each person who participated.


Would you like to have another contest? How about a photography contest featuring the
furry, Icelandic, four-legged members of our packs? Please let the BOD know if this is
something that interests you. Contact us at
Art Contest
Copper etching used with permission of Sigridur Pétursdóttir
Click on photos to enlarge
Paloma Watts, 11 years old
11-15 year old artists
Oil Painting by
Brynhildur Inga Einarsdóttir, Iceland
6-7 year old artists
"The dog in the red robe"
Bryndís Inga, 6 years old
(Granddaughter of Brynhildur Inga)
Reese Colby Kerschner
5 years old
Anik Watts, 10 years old
Pastels on paper
Kristín Erla, 9 years old
(Granddaughter of Brynhildur Inga)
"Reykur in Canada"
Leticia Watts, a member from Canada
Helga Andrésdóttir
5 and under year old artists
Oly 7 years old
Shawn 8 years old
Grace Marshall, 10 years old
Katie Marshall, 9 years old
Charlie Marshall,
5 years old
Týri and Gríma
Elisabet Stacy-Hurley
Artist: Anonymous
Age: 40 something
"Enska Viktor (Vik)"
16 -18 year old artists
"Sand Creek Freyr in Idaho"
Cullen Bruner, 8 years old
Terry Warnock
"Garða Kara"
Monika Karlsdóttir
Brynhildur Inga Einarsdóttir
Linda Stars
Runestone Keilir and Haugarfi Bubba
Terry Warnock
Taelor, 10 years old
8-10 year old artists
"Dog and Arctic tern"
Helga Andrésdóttir
Art Contest 2008
Good afternoon,

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