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Types of Breeders
“What kind of breeder will you be?” This is a question asked by Guðrún R. Guðjohnsen, the person
responsible for the ISIC ( Based on her experience, she
believes there are two types of people that are in the business of dog breeding. They are “producers” and

The later considers everything, is hungry for knowledge, studies dogs and considers the job of a breeder to
make the dog better than the parents while breeding to the standard. “It is hard work.” When asked what the
things she considers important are, she explained that in her entire breeding career, she produced about 40
Icelandic Sheepdog puppies. Her goal was to always make a better ISD, as close to the FCI standard as
possible. Better ears, better tail, better health, better coat, better type, better temperament, always breeding up.

Some of the issues a breeder should consider when breeding the Icelandic Sheepdog are natural protection of
genetic variation, analysis of breeding with the ISD, effective population size and future breeding
recommendations of the ISD as determined by the Icelandic Sheepdog International Cooperation. For more
information about these issues, please see and http:
// and
The Four Legs of the Breeding Table (Insuring that breeders consider the big issues, not just look at the dog in
isolation) is key. Basically, we must consider the entire dog when breeding. What are the dog’s strengths and
weaknesses, conformation, health; does s/he conform to the standard?

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