Constitution and By-Laws
The ISAA will begin work on the Constitution and By-Laws on June
1. 2008.   If you are interested in participating in the work group,
please contact us at
Update 9.13.08
On April 14, 2008, the BOD posted a notice on the ISAA News page requesting volunteers for the
"Constitution and By-Laws Workgroup". The work group was formed and started the project on June 1,
2008. The group completed recommendations on September 13, 2008. Spike Williamson, the group's
chairman, will send suggested changes to the ISAA BOD very soon. The BOD will review changes and work
with AKC to insure that the document meets AKC standards. Ultimately, the document will be taken to the
membership for vote/approval prior to adoption and implementation. This is a very exciting step and was a
task given to the new BOD in 2007 to complete. We look forward to completion of this important task.
The Constitution Work Group brought recommended changes to the ISAA BOD this month. We are grateful
to Spike Williamson who acted as the Chair for this Work Group, especially for the many hours of work that
he committed to this important project. After discussion and further changes, the draft was approved by the

The Draft Constitution was sent to the AKC's New York office on 10.17.08 for review. They will make
additional suggested changes and ultimately approve our draft. At that time, the Final Draft Constitution will be
taken to the membership for vote.
Update 10.17.08
                         ISAA Constitution Update 01.05.09

Since 10.17.08 when our draft constitution was sent to the AKC's New York office for their review, several
emails between our Constitution Work Group and the AKC have been exchanged.  The AKC has suggested
modifications and we have responded.  When this process has been completed and the AKC approves our
document it will be presented to the membership for vote.