Participation in this DNA collection research.

Kits are free.

If you would like to help them with this project, here is the collection information page: -

About 1/3 of the way down you'll see:
Request Form
Click on that if you'd like to participate.

The page that pops up looks like this.

Canine Genetic Heritage Project

AKC Registered
UKC Registered
Other Registry

Click on the

Because we are technically "recorded" with the AKC, not "registered".  A page with owner information
will pop up.  Fill that in and submit. (Our breed is listed as "
Iceland Dog".)

Then another page will pop up.

Enter Now (I would like to enter my dogs' information online now)

Mail Kits (Send me multiple swab kits, I will submit my dog information in the mail when returning

You will need your dog's pedigree.
They want the birthday of your dog, its sire and dam's official names and registration numbers all of
which are on your pedigree.

You could also request the mail kits and fill in the information later.

If you have questions:
phone 530-752-3864
snail mail         attn.
       Veterinary Genetics Lab
       Canine Research
       One Shields Ave.
        Davis, CA 95616