Funding for study of U.S. Breeding approved
On 10.14.08 a motion was brought by to allocate 2000 Swedish Kr. to pay for a study of the U.S. ISD
breeding practices. The motion was carried on 10.17.08 by vote of the BOD.

Vote carried by majority: 6 Aye, 1 Nay

Current General Fund Balance:                                                                                    $934.90   
Per-Erik Sundgren ISD Breeding Study $2000 Swedish Kr - 4th Qtr 2008 (Approx. $270.00 U.S.)
Projected Balance following expenditure:                                                                      $664.90*

*Kronur value is significantly decreased due to current fiscal crisis. Therefore, amount of
expenditure is expressed in Kronurs, and approximated in U.S. currency. It is believed that since
this vote was brought forward, the cost may be less than the $270.00 U.S. projected