Sent: Saturday, January 26, 2008 4:40 PM
Subject: [Iceland-Dogs] Something new from your ISAA!

A new website sponsored by the ISAA has been activated.  The main topics on this site are
health and genetics.  SO what will you find here?
First off there is a pedigree generator that anyone one can use to research different dogs and
crosses between different dogs.  Please remember this is a work in progress.
We are still loading data into the data base.  We are also working on presenting more
information on the pedigrees that are generated. IF Hips and eye information.
There is also links to the 2007 ISAA news letters, We hope to have all the past issues
available in the future.  Current issues will only be available to active members.
They will be password protected from this same site.  You will find CERF information from the
USA and from Iceland; news worthy information and articles about health issues.
Please visit the site, wonder around and let us know what you, don't like are would like to see
us consider adding.  The current ISAA web site will remain active so all the litters and breeder
information and everything else will still be where you expect to find it.  this is the new site address
New health and genetics website