On March 14, 2009 the following Terms and Conditions were amended by the Icelandic Sheepdog Association of America’s
BRCC. The Terms and Conditions were originally adopted November 1, 2007.

A. There is a fee required to list all litters on the ISAA web site.  This fee is payable to the ISAA prior to the listing of a litter on
the puppy for sale page, the future litter section or the planned litter section. The current fee is $100.00. The cost is based on a
litter of 6 puppies. Note: A partial refund will be issued for litters of less than 6 puppies and no additional fees will be required for
litters of more than 6 puppies. There will be no refund of this fee except as stated above or for a mating that produces no puppies.
The refund can be applied to a future litter at the breeder’s request.

The fee includes:
1.        A one-year ISAA membership, or membership extension, for each puppy buyer;
2.        A donation to the ISAA rescue fund.

B. The following information must be sent to the Breeding Review and Compliance Committee (BRCC) using the form below:
1.        New owner’s full name
2.        Current address,
3.        Phone number,
4.        Email address (if applicable),
5.        Dog’s registered names, date of birth, color, and registration number.  

C. The BRCC Chairperson will forward the information, as needed, to the BRCC for review. The information will be added to
ISAA registration records. Personal information (owner name and address) will not be released outside of the ISAA BOD without

D. The following information will be sent to the AKC FSS but not released to other parties without permission from the breeder.   
1.        Name,
2.        Full address,
3.        Dog’s data

E. Please make check payable to the ISAA and mail to:

Judi Vittetoe
24417 E. Rosewood
Newman Lake, WA 99025

F. The following guidelines must be met before the litter is listed. ( Please see the Code of Ethics)

1.  Both sire and dam must have an independently verifiable OFA or PennHIP check for HD.  
2.  Both sire and dam must have a current, an independently verifiable CERF exam at time of breeding.
3.  All information from prior litters must be submitted to the BRCC Chairperson (See
4.  Elbow x-rays are recommended but not required.
5.  Both sire and dam must be registered with a kennel club.  
6.  Current photos of the sire and dam must be sent to the BRCC.
7.  A pedigree for the litter and inbreeding coefficient scores for generations five through ten will be generated by
the BRCC. New owners may request a pedigree from the BRCC.
8.  A maximum of four litters will be listed for any female.
Females should not exceed 2 litters in a 24 month period. A maximum of 8 litters will be listed for any male.
9.  The listing fee for non-members is $120.00.  
10. Litters meeting all the requirements will be listed as: “Meets ISAA Requirements”.  Litters that do not
provide  the required information (numbers 1, 2, and/or 3) will not be listed. Litters that meet requirements 1,
2 & 3 but are missing information for numbers 5, 6 and/or 8, will be listed as: “Does Not Meet ISAA Requirements”.
Kennel Name:
Breeders Name:
Street/PO Box
State, Country, Postal Code
Phone Number:
ISAA  Member
FAX Number:
CISC Member
E-Mail Address:
URL: if applicable:
Parents/ Older Dog Information
Hip Tests
Hip Tests
Registration #:
Registration #:
Country of
Country of
Info for older dogs only
Hair Length? S/L
Whelping Date:
Tail curled, touches back:  Y/N
# of Males?
Prick Ears? Y/N
# of Females?
Double Dewclaws Front (single or double): S/D
Double Dewclaws Rear: S/D
Please provide picture of Male/Sire, Female/Dam, and puppies
Application For Litter/Dog Listing
Terms and Conditions
                                                          Please provide the following information.

This information is required prior to the listing of a litter or older dog. All information shall be accurate and current to
the best of the seller’s knowledge. Seller agrees to keep BRCC apprised of any and all changes in regards to this listing.
That is, dogs sold, dogs remaining. HD X-ray results, new registration numbers, etc.
Failure to keep information current will result in removal of page and potential forfeit of consideration for future listings.