Addition to Information on Approved Breeder Page

Effective immediately, the BRCC is adding a link for each dog on the approved breeder and stud page that will
take people directly to that dog's pedigree on the generator that Knox is working so hard on. We believe this
change will  encourage people to take advantage of the vast information on that website in relation to pedigrees,
related dogs, numbers of litters, litter mate information, etc. The majority of breeders are CHIC breeders and
have a direct link to pertinent health information contained in that data base, so our maintenance of information on
the tree page is a duplication of effort and therefore no longer a wise use of volunteer resources. Similarly, titles
of dogs are on the approved breeder page under the name, so there is no reason to duplicate that information on
another page. This move will serve to centralize data in regards to each dog and make research more meaningful
while adding to the ease of data gathering for each specific dog.