Per-Erik Sundgren died on Jan 1st. He fought a long and brave battle with cancer. He was a generous, beautiful man who gave so much
to the breed. Having worked closely with Dr. Sundgren, this is very sad and personal news. I have attached the letter from Hans-Åke
Sperne of ISIC/C below.

Dr. Sundgren worked with the ISIC/FCI Breed clubs (Iceland, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden and in
recent years, the USA) for many years ( Last year, while quite ill, he created a comprehensive
breeding record of ISDs in the USA since the first import and provided us with valuable calculations and data as it relates to our breeding
practices. He thought the study was very important in terms of a world wide picture of the ISD in regards to preservation of our breed's
genetic diversity in the world.

That data has been added to the data of the other ISIC countries so that we can create more meaningful information for our memberships
worldwide. That project is currently under way and is a massive undertaking. His committment to science was tremendous. The US study
was entitled: Breeding with the Icelandic Sheepdog in the USA and was sent to all members on
Aug. 1, 2009. That study was a tremendous work and we are very grateful for his willingness to help us.

Dr. Sundgren also provided us with scientific opinions about breeding age, numbers of litters and other related issues. That information
can be found on our club's website at
: Having that information at our fingertips as it relates to
ISDs in the USA, is an amazing gift. If you were not a member when we sent the study out, please write to and we
will send you a copy.

If you would like to make a donation to the ISAA in the name of Dr. Sundgren, please click here: If you designate the money be spent for Health and Genetics, it will strengthen our
ability to continue important projects such as the work started by Dr. Sundgren.

Peace and blessings to you and yours,


To all ISIC clubs                       Copy to HRFÍ

Dear Chairman/President

We have a very sad message for you.
On the 1st of January Dr. Per-Erik Sundgren died.
As you know, Per-Erik was the creator of Lathunden which is an important tool in ISIC. Per-Erik has been a tremendous support for the
Icelandic Sheepdog and ISIC also in many many other ways and for a long period of time.

Already before his death Per-Erik prepared for us to be able to use his work and experiences also in the future.
We have been in contact with the Swedish Kennel Club and the Swedish Working Dog Association to ask what will happend to
Lathunden. Per-Eriks´ wish was that the The Swedish Working Dog Associoation (Svenska Brukshundklubben/SBK) should find ways
to carry on his work and very soon they will meet with  Per-Eriks family to agree about all the details in this. It means that you don´t have
to worry about our future work with Lathunden.

In the name of ISIC and the ISIC clubs, we will honour the memory of Per-Erik in connection with the funeral and feel sure that you
agree with us.

We will write some closer lines about Per-Eriks involvement in our breed and hope that you will translate that for your national club
members - in clubmagazines and/or homepages.  
If you inform us in what way your club or your members have had special support directly from Per-Erik during his life time, we would be
grateful to recieve it in short.

On behalf of ISIC/C
Hans-Åke Sperne