More Information About Links on the Approved Breeder/Stud Owner Pages
This is an addendum to the changes to the breeder and stud pages in regard to the links for each dog. From the
questions that have arisen in the various chat rooms, it seems that more information about the links and how to use
them would be helpful.

The link under the dog's name on the breeder/stud page takes you to the pedigree generator page that has the
pedigree of the dog with links to more information. Under each dog's name are a number of links that should be of
interest to you.

The 'pedigree w/o links' link has the health information (e.g. CERF, Hips)about that dog at the top of that page.

The 'breeding info' link has information about all of the siblings and litters the dog has had.

The 'trial pedigree' link allows you to select dogs as the sire and dam and generate a trial pedigree for the litter.

The 'reverse pedigree' link shows the selected dog as the ancestor and all of the descendants (children, grand children,
great grand children etc) on the tree so you can see the impact of the dog on the gene pool.

These are all great tools, especially for breeders and stud owners. We hope you will find them useful.