New Vice President
In accordance with our constitution, with the stepping down of Donna from the presidency, Vice
President Spike Williamson assumed the duties of President on April 18, 2010.   Earlier this month the
Board of Directors requested anyone interesting in filling the Vice President’s position to let the board.  
Only one person volunteered and we are pleased to name Terry Warnock as your new Vice President.

Terry brings a lot to the board; she understands the studbook from working on BRCC committee and has
just finished updating Lathunden the ISIC database, a huge project in and of itself.   She has been to the
ISIC breeding seminar twice, has done our annual report and helped with at least one genetic report.  She
has a very good working relationship with other countries’ Icelandic Sheepdog breed clubs, and serves on
the ISIC web site committee.

Welcome aboard.