Outcome of BOD Vote regarding the Does Not Meet
Section (DNMS) of the Puppy Page
The ISAA Board of Directors (BOD) requested feedback from breeders in the club regarding
the issue of puppies for sale that do not meet the ISAA’s Breeding Standards (link). After
receiving complaints from puppy buyers and breeders regarding this section, the BOD asked
breeders if they would like to see the section:

  • 1.remain on the “puppy page” as it has been;
  • 2.move to another page;
  • 3.or taken off the website altogether.

We received a great deal of feedback in the breeder’s chat room, by email and by phone. The
majority of breeders wanted the section removed from the puppy page and moved to another,
separate page.

After carefully considering and discussing the feedback from breeders, the BOD voted
(8.25.08) unanimously to move the section to a new page, specifically dedicated to litters who
do not meet standards. This decision was made in support of breeders who carefully follow the
regulations put in place to support good breeding practices. The regulations were designed to
keep the Icelandic Sheepdog a healthy breed.

Effective immediately, litters that do not meet ISAA’s breeding standards will be placed on a
website page specifically designed for that purpose. We believe this decision supports all of our
breeders. The notice below will be posted at the top of the new website page.

If you wish to provide feedback regarding this (or any other) issue, please write the ISAA BOD
at i
saabod@gmail.com. We look forward to hearing from you.
Does Not Meet Breeding Standards Puppies and Older Dogs for Sale

The purpose of this page is to help breeders who have had an accidental
breeding between two pedigreed Icelandic Sheepdogs that violates the
ISAA breeding guidelines. (Insert Link Here) These guidelines were
established to support the health and well being of our beloved Icelandic

We understand that sometimes nature overcomes our best laid plans and so
the listing of one out of compliance litter per breeder is permitted. Certain
areas of non-compliance are more serious than others so please be sure you
have read and understand the specific reason(s) which are included with
each listing. If we can be of further assistance, feel free to contact the ISAA
Breeding Review and Compliance Committee (BRCC) at