Ready for St. Patrick's Day West Virginia
Larry & Becky Gardner  Gardner Ridge Icelandics
Contact Information:
Waverly, WV
ISAA Member: Yes
Whelping Date: 20 Jan 2006
Available Date:17 March 2006
Chisick Farms Freyja
Sunnan Kelinn
HD: OFA   # Prelim Fair
HD:  Good IS-63G24F-PI
CERF: Normal, IS-192
CERF: Normal IS-176
Color: Gold/Wht/Blk
Color: Gold/wht/blk
Registration #: AKC FSS DN050288/05
Registration #: AKC FSS DN08270004
Sire's Pedigree
Origin: USA, WA
Origin: USA, FL
Dame's Pedigree

7 weeks old already!  They will be leaving soon!

3 males and 1 female
Status: March 21, 2006
Gardner Ridge Bassi
Gardner Ridge Meyja
Gardner Ridge Gustav Vasa
Gardner Ridge Magnus Sunsson
Sire: Kelinn
Dame: Freyja