All is OK in OK!
Thordur Runolfsson - Ísneista Icelandics
ISAA Member: Yes
Whelping Date:  13 Sept 2007
Available Date:  8 Nov 2007
Gerplu Spori
Emerald Isle Grima
Hips: HD-Fri A
Eyes: IS-246/3-07
HD: PennHIP L = 0.47 R = 0.44
CERF: IS-249/5-07
Color: Tan/White/Black
Color: Gold/White/Black
Registration #: AKC FSS DN15694301
Registration #: AKC FSS DN12267404
Origin: USA
Origin: Iceland
Dam's Pedigree
Sire's Pedigree
Ísneista Æsa is 12 weeks old and still looking for a home. She
will make a wonderful pet but could be a good show/breed prospect as well.
She is very active, playful and most of all very sweet. She is confident
and likes to wrestle with the big dogs. Æsa seems to have her fathers build, her hind
leg dewclaws are very strong with big nicely shaped pads, her front paws are already
as big as her mothers. It is still hard to judge what her final coloring will be
but she seems to be getting lighter and will probably end up yellow or
reddish with a black mask.
Status: 4 December 2007
Sire: Spori
Dam: Grima
Norman, OK 73072
(405) 360-3162
Gerplu Spori x Emerald Isle Gríma
Inbreeding Coefficient scores
5 gen = 0% (15 ancestors)
6 gen = 0.390625 (31)
7 gen = 3.10059 (57)
8 gen = 6.50253 (90)
9 gen = 9.25227 (120)
10 gen = 14.5782 (147)
Ísneista Flekka - Sold
Ísneista Mist - Sold
Ísneista Meyla - Sold
Ísneista Æsa (Ice - ah) - Sold