Litter is Sold!
Julie & Scott Slezak,  Slezak Farms Icelandics
Contact Information:
Clarksville, MI  48815
(616) 693-2577
ISAA Member: Yes
Sand Creek Njola
Reykjadals Odinn
Color: Blk/Wht
Color: Blk Tri
HD PennHIP L = 0.44 R = .044
CERF: IS-191
HD PennHIP L = 0.60 R = 0.53
CERF: IS-189
Reg. #: AKC FSS DN087079/02
Available: 1 January 2007
Whelped: 6 Nov. 2006

Eight weeks old and full of life!
This is Njola's first litter.
Time to make that New Years Resolution!
Status: 23 January 2007
Sire: Odinn
Dame: Njola
Reg. #: AKC FSS DN080209/01
Dams Pedigree
Origin: USA
Origin: Iceland
Sires Pedigree
Slezak Farms Hrafntinna -
Slezak Farms Tyra - Sold
Slezak Farms Betsy - Sold
Slezak Farms Freyja - Sold
Slezak Farms Bella - Sold