Notices to Memebers
[Sent Nov 1, 2007]

Good morning,

It is with great pleasure that I welcome three new members to your ISAA Board of Directors (BOD).  They are:

Maggy Pease: Titles and Events
Peg Johnson: Membership Secretary
DeDe Mantock: Rescue Committee

Effective today, the new BOD consists of:

ISAA National Board of Directors

ISAA Officers:

Donna McDermott

Jo-Ann Secondino

Membership Secretary
Peg Johnson

Judi Vittetoe

Recording Secretary
Bette Rhine

ISAA Committee Members:

Maintains I.S.A.A. Web Site
chaired by Knox Rhine  

Genetics and Health
Tracking of genetic problems, their inheritance and health issues
Cheryl Shelton and Jo-Ann Secondino

Titles and Events
Maggy Pease

Guideline Compliance & Tracking
Verify all new litters meet guideline requirements before posting information
Knox Rhine

Publisher, quarterly newsletter
Judi Vittetoe

Christine Vowles

DeDe Mantock

Elisabet Stacy-Hurley

It is with grateful hearts that we thank those who have served with such a tremendous level of dedication.  Volunteerism
at this level is a huge commitment and you have worked to bring our club to a place of great success.

Knox Rhine, our past president, will continue to serve the ISAA membership as our webmaster and Guideline
Compliance and Tracking Chair.  

Elisabet Stacy-Hurley is the original founder of our club and, most recently, Vice President.  She will continue to serve
as a Member-at-Large.

Russ and Linda Hansen served as our Membership Secretary and are moving on to the wonderful world of puppy

Alfhildur Gudlaugsdottir has served as the chair of our rescue committee.  We wish her well.  

James Hansen has served as our tracking committee chair.  He has generously offered to continue to work with the
BOD as needed.  It is good to know that we can count on his experience and knowledge.

Several people have come forward, wishing to volunteer on committees and/or help as needed.  As we move towards
full AKC acceptance and continue to grow as a club, we will need the assistance of more individuals.  If this is
something you have been considering, this is a great time to step forward.  If you are interested in volunteering, please
contact me ( or Jo-Ann Secondino ( so that we can place you on
our growing list.  

Best regards,

[sent Nov 2, 2007]

Hello fellow Icelandic Sheepdog Enthusiasts,

Like many of you, I'm a pet owner first and foremost. I am still in awe at how these dogs can influence our lives.
Five years ago, I began searching for the PERFECT DOG for me. A year later and completely by accident I stumbled
upon her; an Icelandic Sheepdog named Viking Lilja. Just to keep her company, I also brought home her littermate,
Viking Hippi.
Soon, I joined the Iceland Dogs chat group and discovered a whole group of people who felt just like I did; folks who
raised these dogs not for profit but for the pure enjoyment of the breed. Their litters were whelped in bedrooms and
raised in cozy kitchens, not lonely kennels. There wasn't a lot of petty rivalries and those dogs who triumphed at an
event were held in just as high regard as a child's cherished pet.
I was floored by how Icelandic Sheepdog owners could find a "Puppy Scam", identify the puppy from the photo, locate
the kennel, and check on the puppy's welfare in a matter of hours. I thought, this is much more than a group but an
International Community connected by a cyber highway, one which I was grateful to become part of.
On November 1, 2007 Donna McDermott and I were installed as the President and Vice President of the Icelandic
Sheepdog Association of America. When I was contacted by Knox Rhine about accepting the position I was Surprised
that I was being considered, Thrilled at the prospect of a new challenge, and Honored that the BOD had enough faith in
my abilities to follow in Elisabet Stacy-Hurley's shoes, the founder of the ISAA.
Donna and I have been collaborating this past year, successfully laying the foundation for the regional chapters,
organizing the NISC and AISC and their Fun Matches along with the others on the NISC's BOD. It has been an
exercise in communication, co-operation, compromise and creativity, a practice we plan to continue.
I look forward to assisting the Board in fine tuning our organization so we can move towards AKC acceptance like a
well oiled machine, no monkey wrenches in the gears or squeaky wheels. I will continue my interests with the Health
and Genetics committee where we hope to work on a way to effectively share health information in more accessible
format. I hope to continue to build bridges with the Icelandic Sheepdog clubs and owners abroad to further our
understanding of the breed and its health issues. I would love to see more member involvement with the ISAA and the
Regional Chapters, if your interested in volunteering please contacted Donna at or myself at . Your involvement can only make us a stronger organization.
I do not see myself as an Icelandic Sheepdog owner but rather one that his been blessed with their Stewardship. I
believe we all have a duty to honor their tradition and heritage while the breed moves into a new chapter in its history
with the AKC here in the United States. To insure that it remains true to its 1100 year legacy, we all need to become
involved with our breed and our club. Through on-going education and involvement in the grassroots organizations of
the Regional Chapters we can help them steer through these uncharted waters, keeping them on course and off the
rocks, preserving them as Viking Herders for generations to come. I look forward to being able to serve the club and its
membership to the best of my abilities.
      Best to all,
 Jo-Ann Secondino

[sent 12-8-07 to all ISAA Chat rooms]

Holiday Greetings,

It's been a busy month since I took office. I have learned a great deal from so many of you. Thank you for sharing your
knowledge and experience with me.
I'd like to keep you abreast of news and information about the club and what we've been doing as it unfolds. I've
contacted and introduced myself to the AKC and the Icelandic Kennel Club (DIF) and plan to continue that process
with other sister clubs.
As I shared with you earlier, one of my goals is to work with the new DIF BOD. While in Iceland visiting family
recently, Maggy Pease met with DIF and they expressed a strong desire to work with us. This is fantastic news.
We've had our first ISSA Board meeting with the newly constituted BOD and found that we have much to discuss and
learn from each other. In addition to the new members of the BOD I previously introduced, I would like to take this
opportunity to announce Shellie Greyhavens as our new recording secretary.
The ISNA and ISAA Registration lists have been placed in the Breeder's Corner. All personal information has been
removed in response to member's concerns.
We continue to add volunteers to our list of committee members and invite you again to jump in. If you are interested,
please contact me or Jo-Ann.
If you need to discuss health and genetics issues, please contact Jo-Ann or Cheryl.
Peg is our membership secretary and is happy to answer any questions you may have regarding your membership.

DeDe is our Rescue Committee Chair.

Knox can answer questions regarding guideline compliance and tracking.

Maggy is the Titles and Events Committee Chair and is the person all events or titles records should go to.

Judi has remained on board as treasurer and chair of publications.

For a complete list of our Officers, Committee Chairs and contact information, please go to

Best regards,



Correction highlighted in yellow.

Happy Holidays all,

Knox, our Compliance Chair, has posted all the current CERF tests & dates that are available to us in one place. You
can find the information at If a dog is on that list, they have passed
the CERF test. If a dog is not listed, it can mean that they 1.) have not had a CERF test or 2.) did not pass the CERF
test or 3.) the breeder/owner did not wish to publish the results, so did not send them in to CERF. Any remarks noted
by CERF were not included on this list, but are on the CERF website and will be included in our data very soon.

A big thank you to Knox for getting this project off the ground! He also posted a "Helpful Information" link in the
Breeder's Corner that will explain how to read some of the data.

We are gathering health information and organizing it in one central location so you can enjoy "one stop shopping". If it
is the personal touch you want, feel free to contact Knox or Jo-Ann Secondino They will be happy to answer any questions you may have.   

One of the goals of your BOD is to provide easy access to health information so that breeders and puppy buyers can
find that information and make informed choices. In 2008, we will be discussing some exciting new programs that will
assist with the collection and publication of health information related to the Icelandic Sheepdog in the United States.
We believe our breed is a very healthy breed and want to insure that remains the case. As Jo-Ann says, we are the
stewards of this breed in the United States.     

If you are not a member of ISAA or your membership has lapsed, this is a great time to join. Some fantastic discussions
will be held in the member chat room in coming months. As previously mentioned, Maggy Pease recently traveled to
Iceland and met with the new DIF BOD. The meeting was extremely productive and they want very much to work with
us. You will not want to miss out. Peg Johnson is our Membership Chair. Her email is and she
would love to hear from you. If you are a member of ISAA and are not in the member chat room, you can contact
Knox and he will get you there.

If you are a member of ISAA and are a breeder or will breed in the future, consider joining the Breeder's Chatroom.
Our Health and Genetics Committee will be hosting some live chats in 2008 and are currently taking surveys related to
breeding. If you are interested, please contact Knox (our webmaster) so he can add you to the breeders chat.    

Donna R. McDermott
Sent: Monday, January 07, 2008 4:35 PM
Subject: [Iceland-Dogs] New ISAA Pedigree

Happy New Year to all you Icies owners, current and future.  I hope the Holiday season was a joyous one for all of
Things continue to progress in the management of the ISAA.  There are several things in the works I think you will all be
pleased with.
Another website will soon be available for your use in researching pedigree for the North American Icies.  We are
currently obtaining the new URL and getting the software and data loaded.  Once we figure it out we will send out the
new address so everyone can have a look.  We hope this will make your research easier. We also plan on having a
section of this web site where copies of the ISAA quarterly newsletter will be available for viewing by the active
Another update that has occurred is a redesigned watermark for all Official ISAA issued pedigrees.  The art work was
furnished by our own Liz Stacy-Hurley, one of the ISAA founding members. If you need a signed pedigree for any
reason you can get them from me.  I just need the request and where to send the signed pedigree.  This service is free to
active ISAA members.  There is a small charge for requests from non-members.  A sample of the new watermarked
pedigree is attached.
If you have not yet joined the ISAA, or need to renew your membership, now is the time to do that.  Join/renew
information can be found on the ISAA web site.
There are also several ISAA chapters that have formed in the last year covering different sections of the USA and
Canada.  If you're interested in what is going on in your area, these chapters will be a good source for information.  
Come on get involved!  The summer gatherings are already being talked about and planned by some of the chapters.  
Information and details will be posted when we get them.

Enjoy the rest of the Winter!  Can spring be far away?


Sent: Thursday, January 24, 2008 12:10 AM
Subject: [ISAA_Members] Liaison to Iceland

ISAA Members and Friends,

Article V, Section I of the ISAA Constitution allows your BOD to appoint special committees. Following a vote of that
body, we are pleased to announce that Maggy Pease is officially our Liaison to Iceland as of January 11, 2008. This is
collateral duty for Ms. Pease, who chairs our events and titles committee. Please join us in congratulating Maggy.

Best regards,

Your ISAA Board of Directors

Sent: Tuesday, January 29, 2008 2:47 PM
Subject: [Iceland-Dogs] ISAA News and Events

Hi all,

Just a reminder that if you have not contacted Peg to join the ISAA, you are missing out. :-)

Judi is putting together a wonderful newsletter that will be available to members in February. Our 2007 End of Year
report will be included and it promises to be packed full of new information. It will be posted on the new website and will be available to members only, so jump in. It is a great way to start the new year!

Additionally, a highly informative health article was posted to the Breeder's Chatroom today and we don't want you to
miss out on the great information available there either. If you are planning to breed, you can join the breeder's
chatroom by contacting Knox


Sent: Wednesday, February 27, 2008 2:46 PM
Subject: [ISAA_Members] Deafness in Icelandic Sheepdogs

Sadly, I must relay that recently an Icelandic Sheepdog breeder has
confirmed for the ISAA's BOD  that the Icelandic Sheepdog has a new health
concern .... White Patterned Deafness.

Margaret Gimblin voluntarily came to the BOD after discovering that one
her pups out Kersins Midas Touch and Belglen Skrytla, Valhalla's Gold
Victor,  has bilateral deafness due to extreme White Patterning.  Margaret
has had the puppy BAER tested and his littermates, Belglen Skyrtla, the
dam,  has been tested and has normal hearing, Victor's  fully pigmented
littermate has normal hearing as well.  Victor's white brother is also
deaf.  Midas will be tested in the near future to rule out unilateral
deafness on his part.  This is the first instance we have heard of in the
ISD as to Deafness as it relates to Extreme Pieds.

It is widely recognized in many breeds, such as Dalmatians, that when
the ears are white deafness also accompanies this patterning.  This week
> we have learned that it can also be true in the Icelandic Sheepdog.
Pigment cells are essential for normal inner ear development residing in
the stria vascularis.  In their absence the stria vascularis degenerates,
cutting off the blood supply to the cochlea damaging the structure and
sensory hairs needed for hearing die, resulting in deafness.

When producing a pup with either one or both white ears, we'd like to
recommend BAER testing ( hearing test) to determine if the pup may be
unilaterally or bi-laterally deaf.

We hope to tackle this new medical issue with the ISD in more detail in
our next newsletter

      best to all
Jo-Ann Secondino

Sent: Thursday, February 28, 2008 12:14 AM
Subject: [ISAA_Members] Health and Genetics Information

The courageous honesty displayed by Christine and Margaret over the last
days is to be applauded. We are grateful for their willingness to
share information openly.

There is strength in knowledge and information is never something we
should fear. We have a tremendous opportunity to pull from our amazing community of
resources (that is all of you) and find a test that will identify JC carriers.

The ISAA BOD is working on this issue and invites breeders to begin
puppies and sharing the results with us so that the information can be
included in our new Health and Genetics website data base. Although
imperfect, this is the best tool we currently have to track JCs. We also
invite owners of "pet" ISDs to get CERF tests done and share the results
with us as that information is extremely helpful. The information on the
website is public and a new grid with international cataract data will be
added to the site in short order. Maggy Pease has been working on that
document for some time and it will be ready to post soon. The test is the
ultimate solution in regards to JCs and Jo-Ann Secondino is working on
finding the appropriate venue for us to utilize.

Our beloved Icelandic Sheepdog is a healthy breed. These issues are
surmountable if we commit ourselves to a rational, systematic approach to
finding the answers we need. Your BOD is committed to that end. There will
be supplemental information provided regarding deafness and cataracts and
we invite each of you to participate in whatever way you feel most  comfortable.
We value your input.

Thank you again to Margaret and Christine. Bravo!